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Interview with Eden's Home Care Nurse of Four Years, Mindy Rister

Interview with Mindy Rister, Registered Pediatrics Home Care Nurse

By Cari Weiss

Mindy Rister has been a big part of Eden's life for the past four years. She visits Eden's home every four weeks to administer Eden's IVIG medication for a long day of approximately eight to ten hours  She has seen Eden grow up since Eden was diagnosed about four years ago, at the age of 14 months.  Mindy is a home care nurse, practicing for 28 years in pediatrics and to Eden and family she is now an extenstion of the family.  Eden trusts her and adores her as she does alll the important people in her life. 

Driving Force for Becoming a Pediatrics Nurse: I loved infants and mothers and the impact that I could have. When I had my own kids, I needed a job that could offer a more flexible schedule away from the hospital.

What completes you with this job: I am suited for it.  It is difficult to come into the home when kids are sick, I can’t lie about that, but I bring something healing. I make it better and  I think I bring an easiness to it.  I don’t bring an intensity to it and I let them express what they need to express.  I am also there to support the parents which is huge. The parents have so much stress and so many mixed feelings of guilt and anxiety and the unknown and I can be that sounding board for them.  I just love it, it fills me up.  I love being a part of what they are going through.

What would you say is the most challenging part of your job:  Truthfully it is the parents. I have seen all kinds of kids with cancer, illness and trauma and they are more accepting.  It is the adults that it is harder for. We have a hard time accepting what is around us and parents have a lot of feelings.  I have to be patient and accept what they are feeling, their anger, their fears, whatever is coming at me. This can be really difficult, but it stretches me and I feel like I have a gift towards that and it fills me up.

Who would you say serves as a role model for you: Personally I have a strong faith in God, I seek him and always want to be where he would want me to be. I want to be his servant. I know not everyone comes from that place but for me, it's important and stays with me through the good and the hard situations.

Is it hard for you to not take your job home with you: It is. It is very hard. I actually have co-workers that I can bounce things off of and my husband is so supportive.  He knows how much I love my job and I always say about my career, I get to do my job and I get paid as a bonus.  It really is an amazing career, especially when I am dealing with kids.  If I need it, he helps me talk it out, or we paddle and go to the beach to process it, and then restart my emotions to keep moving forward.