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Meet Eden

Eden is going on five and the strongest willed little girl I have ever met!  

My name is Limor, and I am Eden's mom.   

Eden has been battling OMS since just after her first birthday.

One day, she was happy and healthy, walking and talking at 14 months... and then it stopped abruptly. First, she stopped walking. Then she stopped talking. She became severely ill, vomiting, withdrawn and seemingly in pain all the time.  

The family pediatrician had no answers for us. He told us she was fine. But, she wasn't fine. Ten days into this nightmare, we were in an ambulance to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Eden's eyes were jumping. She had seizure-like activity and wouldn't stop vomiting.

I sit here now, finally able to write and talk about what we, what she has been through in the past two years without tears pouring down my cheeks. Two years that sometimes, Eden spent of her life, barely leaving the house and not meeting and playing with other toddlers her age because treatment had stripped her immune system and we couldn't risk having her get sick. 

I wish she could speak and express what she physically had to battle. I hope one day she will be able to live freely of pain and the massive amounts of medicines she's had to endure since this all began.  

After several relapses, two intense rounds of chemotherapy, shots every other day, numerous amounts of medications, and IVIG infusions, Eden seems to be doing very well. We take it day by day and hope that some day she can live a completely normal life.

What I can tell you is that her spirit and confidence are abundant. She teaches my on a daily basis how to laugh and live playfully. She runs further than most any little girl her age, she expresses her desires more fervently then most kids her age, and she embraces the world and the people around her entirely. She's one little girl that truly makes the saying, 'it's the small things in life" ring true.  

She encourages her brother, she tests her limits with her parents and grandparent and her determined little smile and expressions light up every room. She is a true joy!

Eden started pre-school in the fall of 2013. She is in speech therapy and physical therapy and loves to sing and dance! It might be hard to understand what she's saying the first time around, she might shake as she tackles the stairs but she's the last person to know that she faces any such challenges.  

We wake up every day, reminding ourselves we have to be strong for Eden and children like Eden. Little babies and kids that are so happy in their world and yet, don't yet comprehend that their physical and cognitive development is being challenged by their illness.   

We started Eden's Journey not to just share the journey but to raise money that will go to help other children and families get the attention and help they need.